Aldric Etemoor

Aldric Etemoor, Proprietor, Gambler, Noble, and mysterious.


6 level Rouge/6 level swashbuckler


Aldric wasn’t always a Kobold in fact he was an heir to the Duchey of Etemoor. While on an adventure in the southern Parts of the The Bloodbane Lands he was cursed by being polymorphed into a Kobold. Unable to find a cure and with even the most powerful of wizards and unable to return him to his normal shape, Aldric accepted his condition and made the best of a bad situation. He now is an oddity in the royal courts and is well known throughout the city. Normally he can be seen in his brightly colored purple and green vestments carrying his famous Luck Blade.He is a kind and funny fellow who has quick wit and a quicker sword arm. Recently he has taken interest in the party whether for good or ill who knows.

Aldric Etemoor

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